Oatly IPO: How Swedish oat milk became popular in U S.

what is oatly

As most of this impact is determined by the packaging materials and how those materials are produced — and because recycling capabilities vary so much from region to region — we’ve decided to prioritize incorporating renewable packaging as much as possible. However, our ultimate goal is to use fully recyclable packaging that’s also made from fully recycled or renewable materials. Our shelf-stable cartons are made from 70% renewable resources, while our chilled cartons are made from 82% renewable sources. Both carton types utilize 100% FSC-certified paperboard, meaning the paperboard is fully traceable to the forest where it was grown and has been third-party verified as renewably and responsibly sourced. The aluminum liner and plastic inside the shelf-stable carton and the plastic caps and spouts on top of both carton types are not currently made from renewable sources. In really amazing news, our frozen dessert cartons are now 97% bio-based.

  1. She’s the person in charge of ensuring that Oatly performs well on sustainability issues.
  2. The aluminum liner and plastic inside the shelf-stable carton and the plastic caps and spouts on top of both carton types are not currently made from renewable sources.
  3. It’s one thing to claim you are sustainable; it’s another to be transparent about what you aim to do and why you aim to do it and work to demonstrate your commitment through actions instead of well-structured sentences.
  4. We think it’s a good way to make some new friends.
  5. And in what turned out to be a key move, Petersson debuted a special barista blend of Oatly oat milk.

As a botanical-therapies expert, she has been interviewed more than 400 times by leading magazines and newspapers.

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The answer is a bit complex given how much local recycling capabilities vary across the nation. To make things easier, we recently adopted the How2Recycle labeling system and have added their labels to our US packaging to give everyone more updated and transparent information about its recyclability. These labels were designed to help consumers understand whether different types of packaging are universally or locally recyclable—or not recyclable at all.

what is oatly

Today we continue to make the most amazing liquid oats that you will find anywhere. Today, oat milk is the second largest dairy alternative following https://www.forexbox.info/ almond milk. Plant-based milk accounts for 15% of all dollar sales for retail milk, according to market research from the Good Food Institute.

About Oatly

As of Dec. 31, Oatly products can be found in about 8,500 retail shops and some 10,000 coffee shops in the United States, according to the company’s SEC filing. You’ll never have to be without your favorite liquid oats again! And if you ever get tired of your oatmilk selection (it happens…we get it), you can swap the product, change your delivery frequency, or cancel your subscription at any time. You will receive a reminder 15 days before your next shipment in case you need to make any changes.

what is oatly

Yes, all of our US products are certified gluten-free by GFCO (The Gluten-Free Certification Organization). Last but not least, our packaging is not currently compostable (this includes the sticks from the novelty bars) but we appreciate every person who has ever wondered or asked us this question. We’ll update this page if this ever changes. It quickly shows you a map of all the stores in your area that stock Oatly. Please feel free to email our US team at if you’d like any help finding our products. Oatmeal may refer to oats that have been dehusked, steamed and flattened, or to a rough flour made from oat grains.

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However, there are also topical uses of oatmeal, like in the form of oatmeal face masks. It must be gathered fresh in this young stage and quickly processed into an alcoholic or glycerite extract. This product was a specialty of the Eclectic Physicians of the mid-to-late 1800s who employed it to soothe temporary sleeplessness, to uplift the mood, and as a deep tonic for the nervous system. Today it is often use to offering nourishing support for those getting over addiction, including from cigarettes, sleep aids, and other prescription meds, and to soothe withdrawal discomforts. Yes, I am a little annoyed, but I will focus on getting the other sections in shape and hope this comes in due time.

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The fruiting tops and the stalk (known as oat straw) are rich in minerals and trace nutrients including iron, calcium, magnesium, silica, phosphorus, chromium, and vitamins A, B, and C. This herb has a mild flavor and can be synergistically combined with other herbal adaptogens or tonics. It is also used for nervous exhaustion, calm worried states, to nourish and support during times of emotional stress, and for excessive sensitivity.

This story has been updated to include China Resources and Verlinvest’s investment. State-owned China Resources took a majority stake in Oatly in 2016 through a joint venture with the Belgium-based private equity firm Verlinvest. In July, Oatly secured the celeb-studded equity investment led by Blackstone. First, he changed the logo, from having a small, red “Oatly” on the corner of the carton to bold block and bubble letters spelling out “OAT-LY!” front and center.

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And I have been promised that this section would be finished months ago, yet it is not. Which is why we made an entire website for you. By the end of 2017, Oatly was being https://www.topforexnews.org/ served in about 650 coffee shop locations. He also switched the packaging copy from Swedish to English so no matter where it was sold, many people could read it.

For those of you who have never met Ashley, perhaps we should introduce her as the person in the company with the longest to-do list. She’s the person in charge of ensuring that Oatly performs well on sustainability issues. It’s one thing to claim you are sustainable; it’s another to be transparent about what you aim to do and why you aim to do it and work to demonstrate your commitment https://www.day-trading.info/ through actions instead of well-structured sentences. What energy source is powering our Utah plant? Ask Ashley the next time you see her, or have a look here for some answers. Actually—and this is not something that we spend a lot of time claiming—it was our original idea in the early 1990s to create a plant-based drink that was in tune with the needs of both humans and the planet.

Oatly oatmilk is a vegan, plant-based milk alternative made from gluten-free oats. But it’s what we do with those oats and that water that makes Oatly so special. If there is one thing that is consistent about what we do, it’s that we are very inconsistent in the choices we make for the simple reason that we like to keep our brand and products flexible and ever-changing. We know that what’s most interesting is not necessarily predictable or even logical.

That said, as part of our sustainability commitments, we’re designing new partnerships with farmers and millers to incentivize a food system shift towards more regenerative agriculture. You can read more about our ambitions to drive a food system shift and support more sustainable methods of oat production here. And in the meantime, you might like to know that our North American products are certified glyphosate residue free and Non-GMO Project Verified. We’re always looking for ways to reduce the climate impact of our packaging (along with the good stuff inside that packaging, of course).

Yes, we do use some corn-derived ingredients in oatmilks, frozen desserts and Oatgurt. To learn more about our ingredients and their sources, we recommend checking out the “Where do the ingredients come from?” section on our product pages. Oatly knew persuading U.S. consumers to try, let alone buy, a new product would be a challenge, U.S. general manager Mike Messersmith told CNBC Make It. So as a way to introduce the plant-based milk to the U.S., Oatly sent representatives to high-end coffee shops in New York City to share the product with local baristas in person. Then the baristas could recommend and use oat milk with customers.

Our oatmilk cartons are widely recyclable and can be recycled in most US households. Just make sure to empty your carton and replace the cap. You can find out if your community recycles cartons by visiting Carton Council’s website and entering your zip code here. You can also check out some tips on how to recycle cartons here.

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